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28007: Pichard (comment - education in Haiti)

From Mercedes Pichard  at mercedespichard@earthlink.net

 Greetings Haiti list-members,

I have very recently finished my doctorate.  I successfully defended my
dissertation on February 7th, 2006, at the University of Central Florida.  The
reason I am mentioning it on this Haiti list is that, although my Major field
of studies at the College of Education was 'Curriculum & Instruction', my
study is a qualitative ethnography in the field of Haitian Studies.  I studied
and wrote about a group of Haitian-born adolescent immigrant students and
their academic experiences and perceptions in a public high school in
Florida.  I went to Haiti -- and into Haitian public and private schools, and
interviewed Haitian teachers --- numerous times for my background research,
too.  (By the way, thanks to anyone on this list who has helped me along the
path of my doctoral studies!  And thanks to Dr. Corbett, of course!)  When UCF
publishes my dissertation, I will share that URL link with you.

As a curricularist, as a life-long career educator, as a thinking/informed
person who cares about Haiti and Haitian students of all ages, I would dearly
love to offer my services as a Consultant in Education to the new president or
to the new government which is being formed in Haiti.  So what makes me
hesitate?  The fear of being embroiled in turmoil or danger; the fear also of
being thought to have "taken sides" or "taken a political position".   I don't
want to be perceived as "for" or "against" any politician, political party,
political figure, group, class, segment of society.....

I am fully fluent in French.  I understand Creole.  I am generally
acknowledged to be a global- and systems-thinker.  I am a thoughtful and
pragmatic (applications-based) curricularist.  I would be willing to consult,
discuss and advise on curricular, management, applications, practical,
organizational, or systemic questions in the domain of Education with 'anyone'
in the new Haitian government or the Ministry of Education, as long as I can
remain a totally neutral figure.

Is it possible to be a neutral person of intellectual integrity, and make a
contribution to the think-tank of the new Haiti when it comes to educational
matters there?   (Or is this a pipe-dream?)   Or am I presumptuous in thinking
that I have anything to contribute to the planning stages of education reform
in Haiti?   (Are there going to be people e-mailing me privately to insult me
and laugh at me, mock me, scoff, because I'd like to help Haiti and its
students of all ages and all segments of society?  Am I just foolish or

I am not saying that I "know any better" than the next guy.  I am not saying
either that I "know better" than the people on the ground in Haiti, nor than
the Haitian people themselves working in educational fields.   I don't want
to "tell anyone what to do" about anything.  I wouldn't be that presumptuous
or arrogant.  Consultants generally listen, analyze, work with their partners,
help formulate long- and short-term goals, try to advise about directions to
take and what steps lead to those directions....  I am just saying, I'd like
to be a part of the think-tank for the future of education in Haiti, and is
there any way to do that?   I ask in all humility, is there a way for a
neutral but informed person in the field of Education to participate in this
discussion in the new Haiti?

If there are legitimate requests for consultation, communication, discussion,
analysis, curriculum-reform-thinking, and anything else to do with education
in Haiti, I would welcome these requests with joy, candour and

Mercedes Pichard, Ed.D.

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