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28158: Corbett (reply) Books from Educa Vision

From Bob Corbett

I was delighted to see the article by Sabine Louissaint on Educa Vision
publishers. I have many many books from that publishing house in my own library and a stack of 15 or more sitting right next to me that I have been trying to find time to "enter" into my library program.

I first met publisher Féquiere Vilsaint many years ago at one of the Haitian Studies Association meetings when we both had tables selling books, me my used and out of print books, Fequiere his new books. Since them we've often ended up in the book sellers areas of the convention, the last time in October 2003 in Port-au-Prince.

What I was immediately attracted to were the children's books. At that time (some 10 years ago) there were so very few books for children in existence which were aimed specifically at children and were about Haiti, generally by Haitian authors, and with a serious attempt to
accurately represent Haitian culture.

I think Educa Vision remains the very best publisher of books for children that are about Haiti, generally by Haitian authors, and faithful to the culture. Most of the books in that genre that I have gotten from Fequiere over the years have been in English, but lately I see more and more titles coming out from Educa Vision which are in Creole.

Over the years the topics published by Educa Vision have expanded and just looking at this random smattering of relatively new books sitting here by me I see a fascinating book by Max Manigat (frequent contributor to this mailing list) entitled LEADERS OF HAITI 1804-2001 that has lots of photos of leaders as well as mini-biographies. Then here's a creole language book 18 ME FET DRAPO AYITI (for children), a book of short stories and poetry (also in Creole), lots more children's books including a colorful picture Haiti / Creole dictionary, an intriguing book in English by Tatiana Wah entitled HAITI'S DEVELOPMENT: EXPATRIATE RECONNECTION, another political book on U.S. Policies toward Haiti, but the major prize of THIS pile is: FINE HAITIAN CUISINE: A BROAD COLLECTION OF HAITIAN RECIPIES.

This book is by Mona Cassion Menager and it huge and beautiful. This large (8 1/2 x 11) book of 443 pages is just filled with recipes of every kind of Haitian food you can think of. I expecially need the help in the back of the book that has a list (with photos) of various ingredients, vegetables, spices and such that are used in Haitian cooking which I don't know the names of in English (even if I did I'm not sure I could find all of them here in St. Louis).

It's sort of ironic of me going on about this cookbook since in one sense I am a terrible user of cook books. I love them and have a bunch (I think in a separate list I'll post my own holdings of Haitian cookbooks from my library). But, I only use recipes as a rough guide at best. But, I do seem to need such recipes to get me started. Then, when I first use it, even before making the dish once, I will already start saying, hmmmm, but that could use a little tarragon, or, what, no cilantro?? Good grief I put cilantro in damn near everything except tapioca pudding! And so on.

Then, if the recipe is at all good first time round, I then make a page in my own recipe book and begin the experiementation. By the 8th or 10th time I make the dish I arrive at my own version. Maybe someday I'll do my own cookbook.

In any case, Educa Vision is a real treasure. Far and away the largest publisher of material on Haiti outside of Haiti, there are great treasures to be found in their books. Again -- ESPECIALLY if you are wanting some books for kids, and especially for the very young kids. Great books in that genre -- then see their web page and offerings at:


No matter your interests you are bound to find desired items in their offerings.

Bob Corbett

P.S. I am simply a very very satisfied reader and customer, impressed with their work. I am not in any way involved with educavision, nor do I have stock if they even sell it. :)

It was just such a delight for me to see the article which Lonnie posted.